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Divorce Mediation – A Healthy Alternative

The Divorce Mediation process recognizes that divorce can offer a chance for personal growth!

Spouses work together with a neutral Divorce Mediator to resolve their differences, thereby minimizing the negative impact of the divorce. The mediation process allows consideration of a wide range of possible solutions that are best suited to satisfy the real human needs involved in divorce and creatively addresses the underlying interests of both parties. Divorce is rarely easy, yet it doesn't have to be dreadful or traumatic. A Divorce Mediator can help a couple achieve a smooth, quick, less traumatic, and affordable divorce.

Divorce Mediation carries emotional benefits!

Feelings of anger, frustration and helplessness are lessened, while the parties’ mutual respect and trust can be enhanced. Children are also beneficiaries of the mediation process. As I am sure you are aware, studies show a direct correlation between the amount of conflict exhibited between divorcing parents and potential difficulties experienced by their children.

The evidence to date suggests that mediated settlements in marital disputes simply last longer and work better than adjudicated settlements because the parties who help craft the settlement have a greater stake in making them work.

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Divorce Mediation is an inexpensive alternative to litigation and can save you money!

A neutral mediator is paid by both parties and the length of the process is most often shorter than a traditional divorce. A typical Divorce Mediation costs between $1,500 and $3,500 for both spouses depending on the case. Divorces that go through the court system can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $100,000 per spouse!

Divorce Mediation saves time!

The process of Divorce Mediation typically takes between 2 to 6 sessions (2 to 8) hours of mediation to reach an agreement, while adversarial divorce cases can take years to be finalized.

Divorce Mediation sessions are kept confidential.

In litigation, everything becomes part of the public record; even personal matters the parties might wish to keep private. This is one of the big differences between mediation and litigation.

Mediation works well for couples who know what is best for their family and who are willing to make a good faith effort to work together honestly and openly toward attaining that goal. When post-divorce life is guided by a settlement that the parties have crafted themselves, rather than one imposed by a judge, the chances for mutual compliance increase significantly. This type of settlement usually allows for more flexibility in adapting to the inevitable changes that happen in life.

The separation agreement developed by a couple is the end result of the Divorce Mediation process.

This document addresses all relevant issues such as joint property, children, alimony etc. The agreement also shows a judge that the couple is indeed willing to work together to reach a win-win solution. The Divorce Mediation process allows couples to maintain control over their separation process without the risk of it deteriorating into a painful and costly legal battle. Attorney Turmaine will ensure effective negotiation and communication between divorcing spouses.

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