Is Divorce Mediation For You?

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Things to think about when considering Divorce Mediation

If you answer YES to some of these questions – Divorce Mediation may work for you!

It should go without saying that divorce requires significant consideration and isn't taken lightly. Determining how to proceed with your divorce is something you should think about and discuss with your spouse as well.

The following set of questions make a great guidline for having a discussion about whether Divorce Mediation is for you.

1Do both spouses want to get divorced?

Divorce Mediation results in the development of a legally-binding separation agreement. Sometimes Divorce Mediation clients reconcile as a result of the Divorce Mediation process. However, reconciliation is not the goal of the process and if either spouse is in doubt about seeking a divorce it is suggested to consult a marriage counselor. Occasionally only one spouse wants to proceed with divorce.

2Do both spouses agree to participate in and abide by Divorce Mediation guidelines?

Both spouses must agree to participate in the process in a good faith effort and to transparency regarding all pertinent information. For the process to succeed neither spouse should feel pressured into agreement. The Divorce Mediator is a neutral third party, and lays out ground rules for communication and negotiation.

This is essential as the parties will need to resolve issues that are often emotionally charged. It is also the role of the Divorce Mediator to create an environment in which both parties feel safe to do this. All relevant issues are discussed and negotiation sessions are mediated as the final separation agreement is developed.

3Do both spouses agree to work honestly & transparently?

Both spouses must enter into this process willing to exert good faith effort. It is up to the parties to make this process successful. Both spouses must be willing to provide all pertinent information during the mediation process. This develops an atmosphere of trust.

4Do both spouses agree to attend ALL sessions?

In order for the Divorce Mediation process to succeed it is a requirement that both spouses attend all sessions it is necessary for both you and your spouse to be present throughout the entire divorce mediation process.

5Are both spouses willing to work toward a win/win solution?

If the goal is settle a score Divorce Mediation is not the solution. Benefits of Divorce Mediation are emotional, time, and financial savings. These benefits are negated when one of the parties does not enter into the process in a good faith effort.